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Expo Idaho
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April 24, 2014, 10:48:53 pm
Here is a video we did for the new Expo Idaho remodel. The main entry structure and admin building were designed and by the Architect in Revit .... the site and surrounding elements were built in SketchUp. This was my fist time importing from Revit and it worked like a dream. The main problem - was that I I wanted to change anything on the model - I would have to have the Architect do it then export me the new model...  I guess I like having control of the model :)

It took around 4 hours to build the site in SketchUp and probably another 6-8 hours to build the environment and create the scenes in Lumion.  With so many people in each scene, I had red lines all over the place. I found it kind of like trial and error with the camera path and all the moving object (people and cars).  This is a very simple scene compared to some of the larger scenes posted on the forums -- I have no clue how everyone does it!  :) I had to adjust people several times so they don't run into each other, run into the camera or do the "quick flip"  :)

I know I could have had a lot more movement (especially cars, more people would have been nice, but I was starting to get lots of duplicates in a scene) - I need to get Pro soon :)
it was fun to work on a I learned a lot... Thanks Lumion!

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Re: Expo Idaho
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April 25, 2014, 01:40:15 pm
I like it very much! Congrats!