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June 02, 2019, 04:39:27 pm
Or from Israel.
I Have a trial of Pro 9, and need to produce a video and renders ASP, my PC have all the bars up, but the FPS is on around 5, and it's impossible to work on build mode.
I have Xeon E5 3.6 GHZ, Nvidia Quadro M4000 (8 GB), 32 GB RAM. As I mentioned, the bars are on top on all the categories.
I'm importing 11 models (3D DWG and FBX) and wants to add children models as well (3DS),
I'm working on 66% resolution, 2 stars, I've disabled the 3D grass, no mountains.
Please help me with understanding what is the problem, and what can I do?


Re: Lumion 9 Pro Trial very slow on Hi Performance benchmark machine
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June 02, 2019, 05:43:25 pm
Hi Or.

Your NVIDIA Quadro M4000 graphics card will let you work on moderately complex projects. Based on your description of the problem, it sounds like you might have added too much to the Scene.

The office is closed right now, so we can't take a look at your Scene but until the office opens again tomorrow morning, please follow these instructions to optimise the Scene and let us know how you get on:

Knowledge Base: How do you reduce the complexity of a model before importing it in Lumion?

Knowledge Base: How do you make Lumion render faster?

If the problem persists, please zip + upload the .LS9 Scene file to a file host, e.g., and forward the download link to [email protected], so we can take a look tomorrow.

Thanks in advance.
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June 03, 2019, 09:02:24 am
via wetransfer email:

Hi Morten,
I'v tried what I can from the list that you sent, but no results. I'm hoping you can help me, Thanks in advance.
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June 03, 2019, 09:19:55 am
Thanks for the file Or.

We will take a look and advise.
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June 03, 2019, 10:55:54 am
Hi Or

The Scene is still very complex.

I get very low to unworkable framerates (FPS) with all models displayed and at 4 Star Editor and 100 percent resolution.
Reducing the Editor Star to 2 and resolution to 50 percent helps to improve FPS up to around 11FPS.

However, that is on a GTX 1080 which has much better performance than your Quadro M4000 (in the order 10000 to 6000 Passmark points).

On a GTX 980 it's even slower.

The problem is, that if you have reduced the quality of the imported models to their minimum, as per the suggestions in our articles Morten mentioned, then any further reduction to save some more 3D Points may adversely affect the quality of those models, especially the 3d people.

1. However, just to confirm with you, that the models have been reduced?

2. What 3D modeling software are you using?  Is it AutoCAD?

3. Are the 3ds (children) models being sourced elsewhere, that is, is there any option to reduce the model complexity of those?

The problems are two-fold when all models are shown:
1. 3D Point Count is in the extremely high.  We would categorize anything over 100M 3D Point as above the extremely complex, and that means the models are well above the guidelines of use for your PC.
2. The 3D Point Count of the models is using a very large amount of the available graphics card memory and requires over 4GB of file size.  It is likely that some data is being transferred to other memory which will be slower than the graphics memory.

I would suggest:
1. Save the three 3D Grass Materials to file.  Then when everything is ready before the render load those materials back in.  It only saves 0.5M 3D Points but it all helps.  Noted you have tried that.

2. To get some speed from Build Mode you will need to work in lower resolutions.  At 50 percent resolution and 1 or 2 Star it works at a reasonable speed here.

3. Import the children that are part of the current models separately so you can hide them, as they are the costliest models.

4. If you look at the models '.Lib'  in the Documents\Lumion 9.3\Library folder you will see that the Q10381.lib file requires 1.7GB of file space, and in Lumion needs 3GB of memory and is about 36M 3D Points.  It seems that it is perhaps still too complex for the nature of the model.  Can you optimize it at all by reducing its polygon count?  There are of course tube based parts that still need to be kept rounded and not faceted.
But there are also lots of flat surfaces.  Perhaps that model can be optimized some more and split in to two models for import so that the rounded parts can be hidden in a Layer whilst working on the Scene.

    Repeat for model '137601 (1)' and then '231005'.

5. If you cant reduce polygons in AutoCAD?, you can try to do so with an external polygon reduction tool such as Polygon Cruncher.

I see you have mentioned flattening the terrain.  If a hills terrain is needed such as that in the Start template Mountain Range and in your Scene you sent us, then that will require about 12M 3D Points.

4. And lastly for one more question, how many more 3D people and other objects are needed?  Can most of those be sourced from the Lumion 3D People Library or will you be needing to import more from 3ds sources?
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June 03, 2019, 08:58:23 pm
Hi Peterm,
First of all, thanks for the quick respond.
I have mange to work with the scene by putting each model with the 3DS people of it in a separate layer,
So after organizing everything in 10 layers, the build mode is very smooth.
Although, setting a video can be a challenge, but I manged to do it.
To your questions:
1. I didn't reduced the models size.
2. I'm using Autocad, SolidWorks and Keyshot. The models that on the scene are downloaded as 3D DWG, and not built by me, only the swings are.
3.  The 3DS models (kids) are as well downloaded, and I can't work on 3ds. I can export them for FBX using Keyshot, but it makes the files much bigger.
About your suggestions:
1. Do you mean, saving the square area grass materials as a different Lumion Scene, or importing it as a different file? And if the first option correct, can I add a scene inside a scene?
2. Doing it.
3. I'v inserted the kids models to the models current layer, so when I hide the layer, the kids are hidden with it. I think it won't make a big different.
4. For now I don't know how to reduce the ploygone count on AutoCad, I will try reducing the size of the file using some commands.
One important thing, all those models (3D DWG and 3DS) are 1000 times larger than they should, when I import them I need to scale down all the way to 0. Maybe it affects the work flow?
5. I will try.
6. I didn't know the mountains are so HEAVY, next time I will skip them.
4 last Q. I added to the whole scene around 22 more 3ds modeled kids. The kids in the Lumion pack don't have the correct postures. Although I did add some people from the stock, with some trees, houses etc.

I'm rendering the movie tonight, and with G-OD's help, it will be done in the morning.

Thanks again,

June 04, 2019, 12:08:55 am
Hi Or

It sounds good that you have some reasonable performance now.  :)

re 1. 3D Grass materials:
You can save a material to a file, an LNM file, using the Save and Load commands in the materials Context Menu.  See How do you copy, paste, save and load materials in Lumion 9.0 and newer versions?

re 3. Based on what I see of your models the kids will be the highest 3D Point Count so if you can hide those separately, all the better.

re 4. OK, only if you can reduce, and it's just the curved surfaces that are higher in 3D Point Counts, but of course still need to be nice and smoothed.

re scale, yes I noticed that.  3D DWG files should scale correctly in Lumion if they have the correct real world or scales in AutoCAD.

By 3ds I presume you mean 3ds Max? Or is it 3ds the file format?  If it is the later, then that file format is very old and also lacks information about real world or scale sizes, the size is generic only.

If you are using Keyshot to import from 3ds Max and then exporting to FBX, then you should be able to have or set a correct scale for it to import to Lumion correctly.

If the files are in 3ds format, then be aware you can import those direct to Lumion.  I'm not sure if there would be any difference in 3D Point Count though.

re 6. an alternative if you want some hills or mountains in the background might be to use an image textured to a cut cylinder of some real hills.  There is a workflow to create such for import to Lumion that we can cover at some stage if needed.

All the best with the rendering.  Let us know how it goes.
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