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Lumion 9.5 has been released
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June 18, 2019, 11:05:46 am

Lumion 9.5 has been released

Mood and feeling are central to effective architectural renders, and in Lumion 9.5, you can instantly and easily create a warm, cozy feeling around your design's interiors and exteriors.

The new high-definition materials merge beautiful aesthetics with a calm, at-home ambiance. The new leafless trees, forest wood models and potted plants create richly detailed, enchanting compositions. From the interior to the exterior, these new materials and models can help furnish your designs with the right mood and connect with your audience on an intimate, emotional level.

Lumion 9.5 is a free update for all Lumion 9.x users.

Please note that scenes and models saved in Lumion 9.5 are not backward compatible with older versions of Lumion.

Knowledge Base: Lumion 9.5 release notes

Please follow the instructions in the following article to install it:

Knowledge Base: Lumion 9.5: Everything you need to know

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